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Welcome to Global Fuel Solutions (GFS)

The 24/7 Full-Service Fuel Shopping Solution

Our system is devised with the specific objective of providing both time and cost savings to our members with an efficient and intuitive tool, that simplifies on-the-road fuel shopping with streamlined accounting, discount fuel vendor administration/relations and 24/7 live customer support. By employing a customized FuelerLinx platform, GFS is now able to provide a greater user experience, in-depth notation and improved reporting. Becoming a member is simple. Just contact a GFS representative and for a nominal fee, the savings begin.

How does it work?

Global Aviation provides you with a portfolio of fuel cards for every fuel vendor listed on this site and takes care of all program administration. Upon logging in, enter your trip itinerary to review discount fuel options. Select and order your fuel from your vendor of choice at each flight destination, and submit the order for authorization. Once selected, confirmations are distributed to you, the fuel vendor, and the FBO.

GFS also streamlines the billing process. Upon conclusion of the trip, forward your fuel receipts to the Global Aviation accounting department. Once invoices are reconciled with quoted fuel prices, your account will be processed for payment. Instead of receiving multiple trip billings, you receive a single monthly statement allowing you to pay one bill every 30 days.  Reports, customized to your specifications, are sent back to you for records.  It’s that easy!

How Much Can I Save?

With GFS, we continue to save our customers an average of 65 to 70 cents per gallon, conservatively. We have clients who consistently save thousands of dollars each month on their fuel expenditures through this program based on the volume discounts we are able to secure.

Which discount vendors are supported in the GFS program?

The following discount vendors are supported in the GFS program:

  • Air BP
  • Air Routing International
  • Arrow Energy
  • AvFuel
  • ChevronAlliance
  • Colt International
  • Jetex
  • JetSet Global Fuel
  • Jet Fleet International (JFI)
  • Mariah Fuels
  • MGAS
  • Multi Service International
  • Pacific Coast Forecasting
  • Pinnacle
  • Shell Aviation
  • UVair
  • Western Petroleum
  • World Fuel


A Special Offer for Referrals:

To thank those customers who continue to make GFS another successful component of Global Aviation’s full-service offering, we will include one free month of membership (valued at $350 - $1000 depending on fleet size) for those clients who supply successful referrals.

Where can I get more information?

For more information or to activate your GFS trial membership, contact us at or call 503-648-6403 (503-681-9093) after hours.

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